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motor installation services

Do you know that a faulty garage door motor can claim lives of you or your loved ones without even a warning? Are you aware that if the motor is not working properly, the garage door may fall on the head of any person just entering or exiting the garage? Do you also know that a faulty motor can make it impossible for you to open a garage door sometimes? If no then you should know that all of it is true. Though many modern motors sense moment and will stop the door if someone is near it but if the motor is faulty then there is no escape.

So you should never take a badly working garage door motor lightly and always seek assistance of Garage Door Repair in Canarsie area. Taking this step would ensure that there is no scope for any life threatening situation due to a faulty garage door. You can call us up by visiting our contact us page where we have listed all the salient information needed to get in touch. You can call us up to repair the motor or even do new motor installation as we are experts in all these areas.